Anti-Ageing Treatments | 3 Types of Anti-Ageing Beauty Treatments For Women


The thought of visible facial lines and wrinkles is enough to terrify most women from their early twenties. Luckily, advances in cosmetology has brought about a range of beauty products that can both prevent and reverse ageing signs. This array of anti-ageing treatments has helped millions of women realise the benefits of anti-ageing technology. This guide is designed to help you identify the different anti-ageing treatments available to you.

Anti-Ageing Cleansing Treatments

Cleansers remove oil, makeup and dirt from skin. These elements act as impermeable barriers, preventing anti-ageing treatments from penetrating into the skin effectively. Anti-ageing cleansing treatments contain ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids that remove top dead skin cell layers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines for smoother skin. This restores the freshness of your skin and enables more penetrable applications of other long-lasting anti-ageing treatments like moisturisers and makeup. Since anti-ageing cleansers are the beginning of a smart anti-ageing skin care regime, be sure to look for these anti-ageing ingredients for better skin results.

Anti-Ageing Night and Day Creams

When you are asleep, your body has the opportunity to relax and repair its organs and tissues –– including your skin. The dark room gives your skin a chance to take a break from damaging light, and sleep relaxes facial muscles. Anti-ageing night creams will help you take full advantage of this relaxation time by allowing the vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate your skin. Day creams have similar properties to night creams, but also contain Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to protect skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun, which can speed up the ageing process.

Anti-Ageing Makeup

Anti-ageing makeup is an excellent way to protect your skin from additional damage. Makeup is usually the last part of the skin care regime because it is the most visible element on the skin. Anti-ageing foundations will even your skin tone to cover flaws, reflect light and minimise pores. In addition, they will also protect your skin from environmental conditions, while moisturising the skin. Similarly, concealers and powders will cover blemishes and dark spots, along with protecting the skin with the presence of SPF.  Since makeup is typically present on skin for a long part of the day, it is the perfect catalyst for anti-ageing ingredients like SPF, hyaluronic acid and retinoids. If you're looking for makeup, look for specific brands and products that offer the dual benefit of uplifting appearance and anti-ageing.

Anti-ageing treatments will revitalise the look of your skin to give you a more youthful appearance –– consider these treatments for better and younger looking skin. 


12 October 2015

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